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US Patent US8418383 B2

Canvas frames are known to be very conventional.

Artists are used to the normal rectangular or square canvas from the time the first of its nature was designed. Regardless of the size of the canvas frame painting surface, artists were limited to the normal frame with four sides.

Commonly, artists think creatively in as much as they have been limiting themselves to the use of a box any time they make use of the normal four sided canvas. This has been altered!

The Change

Stretcher blocks offer fresh methods to be used by artists to make a surface as exceptional as the piece of art itself. Basically, a stretcher block refers to little 2” x 4” robust parts of wood designed into tongue and groove model to be used for framing the canvas and can be shaped in several methods. It is important for an artist to make a painting surface that is special as the piece of art in consideration. Stretcher blocks enable artists to communicate using their piece of art. This is the best option for anyone who has wished to make a painting with something else other than the normal canvas frame.

The kind of canvases relied on to develop art have seldom been utilized to enhance feeling. In its place, artists depend almost entirely on the drawing surface of the canvas to show artistic ability. This is to the degree that artistic ability goes past just the drawing surface up to the frame of the picture that holds the frame of the canvas. What is needed is a model for creating unconventional canvas frames, as well as canvas frames that can be modified.

canvas blocks - example of use
canvas blocks - example of use
canvas blocks - example of use

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